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Sharpen seasonal product sales by visualizing sell through.

  • Understand whether products are on track to sell out at the end of the season.
  • Maximize sales of fast selling products and average selling price.
  • Minimize inventory sold at a discount and warehouse space taken by slow moving products.
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Custom Apps

Every successful business does something different from its peers. We’re here to help you design and build app capabilities which make you unique - your "secret sauce".

Deep eCommerce experience

We've worked with eCommerce businesses at every stage of growth and understand the challenges that businesses commonly encounter

Pragmatic, robust solutions that scale

We take the time to understand your business and use our experience of delivering focused solutions to shape an app that provides what you need today

Expert at deriving insights from data

Your data will hold insights that you haven't yet uncovered - we can help solve your business problems by mining your data for meaning

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eCommerce businesses will encounter different challenges as they grow - we can guide you through each stage of growth.

Evolving your technology stack

We can help you define a roadmap to move from your current state to your ideal future

Customer first change management

Using best practice product management techniques we can build the best processes for your customers & for your business

Translating between business & technology

We'll ensure that you get the most appropriate technology solution for your business needs

Gordon Bazeley

About Us

ModusApps is a Shopify app development business, based in Bristol in the UK, with experience in helping commerce merchants make the most of their data.

Hi, my name is Gordon, I've recently started ModusApps, making the move from corporate life to a startup.

I've been been working in eCommerce for over twelve years including senior product management stints at JUST EAT, Brightpearl and more recently Oracle Commerce.

I've worked with merchants of all sizes and understand what it takes to successfully scale an eCommerce business. I'm aiming to bring my experience of building software for major enterprises to help Shopify merchants leverage their data to provide great shopper experiences.

I'm also interested in building custom apps for particular merchant needs - please get in touch if you have an app idea that you'd like help with bringing to life.